The Organ

Built in 1897, by local organ builder August Gern(1837-1907) St John's possesses one of the most unusual church organs in London. With 4 manuals and only 32 stops and located in an organ loft over forty feet above the floor, much of the pipework was made in Paris. Rebuilt with a new console and enlarged to 47 speaking stops by Henry Willis III in 1928, it remains in this condition to date. Much of the original pipework remains.

Enquiries from organists / historians to view this instrument are welcome. For full details of the specification, look on the website of British Institute of Organ Studies. - National Pipe Organ Register [D03319] & [N00904].

Famous organists have included Healey Willan -1903-1913, Richard Latham, Denys Darlow, David Bell, Mark Venning and Richard Lyne.

Our current organist is Paul Joslin. To find out more, or arrange a visit, please contact us.

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